Clouds with added Crepuscular Rays

Regular readers will be painfully aware that I cannot resist snapping clouds, and the UK certainly has a lot of them! Today was a very eventful day for clouds though.Photo of clouds in black and white

We had blue skies with billowing white cumulus clouds (possibly Cumulonimbus).

There were crepuscular rays to be seen. These are shafts of sunlight breaking through gaps in the clouds.Photo of crepuscular rays

Here are some more.Photo of crepuscular rays

And yes, it did rain.Photo of moody clouds

Finally as the sun set there were reverse crepuscular rays, the shafts of light appear to be converging in the opposite direction to usual. These are not to be confused with anticrepuscular rays which appear opposite the sun.Photo of sunset crepuscular rays


13 thoughts on “Clouds with added Crepuscular Rays

  1. I’ve never seen the reverse rays before your post.
    Thanks for sharing and giving name to those crepuscular rays. I’ve photographed them occasionally but never knew what they were called.

    (and like you, I can’t resist photographing clouds either – great minds think alike).

  2. Lovely cloud photos, plus I like the word crepuscular. First learned it years ago when I spoke with the Fish and Game Service about a hungry porcupine who was devouring our trees. He told me the porcupines are crepuscular and that, thankfully, the little fellow would move on to elsewhere in the forest on his own soon. Ever since, I use “crepuscular” whenever possible, it’s fun to say!

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