I Struck Gold!

Photo of bee on goldenrodHow fitting that during the 2016 Rio Olympics I should finally strike gold after my recent disappointment over a Golden Opportunity Missed. I refer of course to managing to get some photos of bees on my goldenrod.Photo of bee on goldenrod

Admittedly the bumblebees disappeared before I could get their mugshots, but the honey bees were going wild for the stuff. The many varieties of the goldenrod flower are an important source of nectar and pollen for bees during late summer.Photo of bee on goldenrod

Apparently, after feasting on goldenrod bee hives tend to smell of sweaty feet. However, it seems that it does make for very tasty honey.Photo of bee on goldenrod

So as well as being a bright and attractive flower in the garden, it is good for bees too.Photo of bee on goldenrod

I also spotted this solitary bee.Photo of solitary bee on goldenrod


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