Bimble on a Hot Afternoon

Tuesday 23rd August 2016 was a rare day in the UK. It was very hot and sunny. A walk to the River Wye was called for. Regular readers will be familiar with these bimbles from such classics as; Urban Bimble Part Three where we learned all about the duck pond, andPhoto of duck pond

the Castle Green, Photo of Castle Greenwith its squirrels, andPhoto of squirrel

Nelson’s Column, and

The clouds looked rather interesting so I thought I’d go black and white for a parting shot before we reached,Photo of Castle Green with Nelson's Column

The Victoria footbridge.Photo of the Victoria footbridge

I wonder what the gentleman is watching? Aha, swans.Photo of swans on river

I wonder if they will get a little closer.Photo of swans on river

Someone’s spaniel, doing what spaniels do.Photo of spaniel playing in river

Looking up from the other side of the bridge, Hereford Cathedral is peeking up above the greenery.Photo of Hereford Cathedral by river

A lonesome duck swims by some flowers.Photo of duck on river

Let’s check out the other ducks back on the other side of the duck pond. They look a bit hot and tired.Photo of ducks on duck pond

I think it is time for a rest under the cool shade of the weeping willow tree. I suspect this will be summer’s last hurrah before autumn sets in.Photo of weeping willow


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