Red Clover

The red variety of clover, Trifolium pratense is in evidence by the hedgerows at the moment.Photo of red clover

It is taller, with a larger flower head than white clover. It is grown as a fodder crop and it also fixes nitrogen in the soil, improving it for the next crop.Photo of red clover

The main pollinator of red clover is the long tongued bumblebee, Bombus hortorum. A long tongue is required to reach the nectar, although shorter tongued bees have been observed cheating, by biting a hole at the back of the floret.Photo of bumblebee in flower

And of course, if you find one with four leaves you are very lucky indeed.Photo of red clover


6 thoughts on “Red Clover

  1. I remember when I was a child we used to pick the flower heads and suck out the nectar. A simple joy of childhood. But as populations have grown and land has been cleared for houses, this clover is fast disappearing. Very sad.

      • when my granddaughter was a toddler her parents moved to a townhouse development where there was a winding sidewalk that led through a field of wildflowers including this clover. I had fun showing her how to pick the clover and suck out the nectar but sadly, not long after the field was dug up and replaced with grass and trees.

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