Bumbling about on the Michaelmas Daisies

The Michaelmas daisies are proving popular with our pollinators. After the visit by the solitary bee a couple of days ago, it was the turn of this bumblebee.Photo of bumblebee on daisy

I believe it is a common carder bee, Bombus pascuorum. These are social bees that nest in holes, old bird nests, or in lawns. The queen will line the nest with moss and bond it with wax. The nest is filled with pollen and nectar for the larvae to feed on. Once the eggs are laid the queen will collect fibrous strands from plants and comb them into a covering for the eggs. This is where they get the name carder from, after a carder machine which combs fibres of wool or cotton to prepare them for spinning.Photo of bumblebee on daisy

They feed on a variety of flowers and will be found in pretty much any habitat that contains flowers.Photo of bumblebee on daisy


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