Cranefly Invasion

Apparently the UK is “bracing itself” for a cranefly invasion. So far I have found two bouncing around the porch light and this one resting on a shrub.Photo of crane fly

A damp winter and warm September have provided the perfect conditions for this insect and there could be billions of them. They are considered an agricultural pest as their larvae eat the roots of cereal crops. However, they do not bite, sting or spread disease so there is no need to be scared of them. They just make a really annoying noise if they are bouncing against your lampshade at night. They are also known as “daddy long legs”.


6 thoughts on “Cranefly Invasion

  1. While logically I know that they’re not evil or venomous or anything else to be really frightened of, I can’t bear them – they really do make me feel panicky. This time of year when there are so many of them about anyway is never pleasant, so if there are even more of them it’ll be horrible. And of course it’s the time of year when the spiders start invading our houses… something else for me to twitch about!

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