Penumbral Eclipse

The full Harvest moon of 16th September 2016 was a bit special. Photo of full moon

It coincided with a penumbral eclipse. A lunar eclipse occurs when the full moon lines up with the sun and the Earth, with the Earth’s shadow (umbra) shading the moon. With a penumbral eclipse it is the softer outer shadow of the Earth that is cast over the moon. Rather than a dramatic shadow or a chunk appearing to be taken out of the moon, all that is seen is a slight darkening of the moon.Photo of full moon

Of course if it is a cloudy night, as it often is in the UK then you don’t notice anything at all! There will be another chance to see one in February 2017.Photo of full moon and clouds


3 thoughts on “Penumbral Eclipse

  1. I remember seeing it actually. I wasn’t paying attention to the lunar forecasts but I caught sight of it when I was outdoors in the evening and I stopped to really admire it. It was a clear night. Really beautiful.

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