End of September

My apologies for neglecting the blogging world lately. I have still been taking photographs, I’ve just not been able to devote the time to transferring them to computer and writing about them. I hope to catch up with you all soon. I shall quickly sum up the end of September.

The procumbent yellow-sorrel or creeping wood-sorrel, Oxalis corniculata, is flowering still. The leaves turn a brownish purple colour and are apparently edible and rich in Vitamin C; more details here.Photo of yellow sorrel

The Herb Robert is also going strong.Photo of Herb Robert

Cyclamen flowers are still popping up, joined by a variety of fungi.

The warm sunny weather at the end of September provided a bounty of shiny flies.Photo of fly on leaf

The red admiral butterflies are also topping up their tans.Photo of red admiral butterfly

While the rain showers during the night brought the frogs out. They are fattening up ready to hibernate.Photo of frog

The hedgehogs are also trying to gain weight for the lean winter months.Photo of hedgehog

This little one thinks he can hear something behind him.Photo of hedgehog

Hmmm, he’s sure there is something there rustling in the shadows.Photo of hedgehog

Yep! The mealworm feast is going to have to be shared, drat.Photo of hedgehogs



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