Raking Leaves

How many back breaking hours do you spend raking leaves from your lawn? STOP! Research shows that leaving leaves on your lawn improves the turf. A good surface of leaf litter also provides a great habitat for invertebrates, which in turn are a good food source for birds and other garden visitors during the winter.Photo of rat shaped leaf pile

If you do rake or sweep up your leaves, don’t throw them out. Leaves make excellent compost or garden mulch. You can also collect them to use as a cosy bed for your garden hedgehogs to sleep in, which was my sole motivation for bothering to rake up these leaves. Yes, the highly imaginative amongst you will have noticed that I’ve raked them into the shape (vaguely) of a rat.Photo of rat shaped leaf pile


13 thoughts on “Raking Leaves

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  2. Very artistic! I do tend to clear them from the lawn (not that we have much lawn any more!) but leave them on the flowerbeds to feed the worms and other little critters that will keep the soil turned over and nutritious.

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