Trees and their Leaves

You cannot avoid noticing at this time of year trees and their leaves. One minute they are there all green and fulsome, the next they are varied shades and falling rapidly to the ground.Photo of leaves on ground

It is interesting to note that some trees lose their leaves before others. All deciduous trees lose their leaves each year.  During autumn there is less sunlight available for photosynthesis, the green chlorophyl decreases revealing the red and yellow pigments within the leaves. Photo of trees losing leaves

The tree will lose water needlessly through its leaves, so the sap carrying veins gradually shut down. An abscission zone forms at the base of the leaf consisiting of weak cells in the top layer and tougher ones at the bottom, eventually the weak cell layer is broken and the leaf falls off. Photo of autumnal trees

This varies between different trees, for instance beech and oak trees have a very weak abscission layer and often keep their dead brown leaves throughout winter.Photo of autumnal trees

So there seems to be a genetic variation in drop rate, but individual trees are also affected by disease, pollution, street lights, temperature and other environmental variations.Photo of autumnal trees

The rowan tree has lost most of its leaves, but there are still a lot of berries on it. I wonder why the birds haven’t been eating them?Photo of rowan tree in autumn

We have had a couple of light frosts just recently, just enough to give a light sparkle to the fallen leaves.


9 thoughts on “Trees and their Leaves

  1. Regarding the outstanding berries….saving some till times get harder? There have been a lot of berries round us this year and although many trees are bare some still have all their berries just like your tree.

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