#CharityChristmas5 No.2

For those of you who missed #CharityChristmas5 No.1 the premise is to donate £5 to 5 different charities by Christmas – £25 by the 25th. I know that this is a lot of money for many people (including myself!) so the hashtag can also be used on Twitter to promote any small charity that you think could benefit.Photo of dog and bell Christmas decorations

Number 2 on my list is Finding Furever Homes. This is a small charity that helps to rehome dogs. They rescue dogs from abuse, neglect and other sad circumstances. They homecheck to make sure that each dog goes to a suitable home, in the meantime the dogs are housed in kennels or with foster families. Your £5 will buy a rescue dog a Christmas dinner and you will get a certificate to prove it! You can also purchase other merchandise, sponser a kennel or donate to any of their other fundraising activities. You can also volunteer your time helping to look after the dogs or carrying out homechecks. You could even adopt one of their dogs if you are rescue ready. All the information is on their website or you can follow them on Twitter @NWDogRescue to see the work that they do.  Of course by adopting a rescue animal you save two lives; the animal that you have given a home to and the animal that the rescue can now house in its place.

Photo of rescue dog Asbo

Rescue hound, Asbo. Adorable and never knowingly well behaved – Image courtesy Finding Furever Homes @NWDogRescue

This leads me neatly on to some other Twitter friends of mine, The Squeasels @McFuzzies a “business” of 15 ferrets. Their human slave has adopted them all from ferret rescues, thereby saving 30 ferrets altogether. I know that they also do a lot to help other animals including our precious British wildlife. They are well worth following on Twitter if you are a fan of cuteness, kindness and giggles. Although they do more than enough already, they have very kindly supported this scheme of mine and wish to nominate The Marmalade Trust, @marmaladetrust a Bristol based charity that tackles loneliness in vulnerable members of society. Take a look at their website to see the many ways in which you can help this very worthy cause. Loneliness seems to be an increasing problem in modern society and the effects on mental and physical health can be devastating. Perhaps you have a neighbour that could benefit from you spending some of your time with them?

A "Squeasel" trying to look innocent after knocking over a vase of flowers - image courtesy of @McFuzzies

A “Squeasel” trying to look innocent after knocking over a vase of flowers – image courtesy of @McFuzzies


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