#CharityChristmas5 No.5

The fifth and final #CharityChristmas5 is here. There is so much need in the World and so many good people doing their best to meet it, it has been really hard to choose just five. However, dire financial circumstances limit one’s generosity, so the selection has been rather personal. The fifth charity is St Michael’s Hospice in Herefordshire, who provide palliative care. You can follow them on Twitter @StMichaelsHosp Photo of Christmas bauble

There are many of you out there volunteering, fundraising and donating every day of the year, to no fanfare. We know you are out there and we are grateful – thank you.


9 thoughts on “#CharityChristmas5 No.5

  1. I like your Christmassy photo 🙂
    I hope people are a little more generous in their donations at this time of year, to all the charities they support. I have a soft spot for the animal rescue organisations where I adopt my dogs, particularly when they have sterilisation drives. After all, if they sterilise enough dogs, there won’t be so many in their kennels. 🙂

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