Love is in the Air

Spring has definitely arrived. As I went to feed the birds around 5am a few mornings ago, I stumbled upon quite a scene. There were two hedgehogs courting in the middle of the path. I froze hoping not to disturb them; this is important business as numbers have declined so much. After a while it was clear they weren’t bothered by me, so I went back into the house to fetch a camera.Photo of hedgehogs mating

I took some video footage which you can view here. It is very ropey I’m afraid due to the lack of light. I didn’t want to get too close to them or shine too bright a light on them.

There was an awful of huffing and snorting as the male bodged his way in circles around a seemingly unimpressed female. They moved off the path and onto the lawn where the female, no doubt worn down by his persistence, allowed him to mount her. If she is agreeable to the process, the female will flatten her spines so as not to cause the male any injuries.Photo of hedgehogs mating

I then noticed that there was a third hedgehog curled up on the lawn. I’m guessing that there was perhaps a fight over the female and this was the loser lying low pretending nothing was happening.Photo of three hedgehogs

If this was a successful enterprise then the female will hopefully give birth to hoglets in around 4 – 6 weeks.

They both seemed very hungry afterwards and went for a snack. Photo of hedgehogs and cat

It seems there was also a cat watching proceedings.Photo of hedgehog in feeding box

The curled up hedgehog also wandered off eventually. Perhaps he’ll have better luck next time.Photo of hedgehog


24 thoughts on “Love is in the Air

  1. What a charming tale of little hedgehogs. 🙂 You did well to capture them.
    I think the only way to get a good low light video is to have those expensive infrared cameras that eg David Attenborough uses!

    btw I tried to comment on your post in the WP Reader, but there is no comment box – even clicking on the comment icon was not successful. I’ve noticed this with some other blogs too, so I hope that WP will fix this new glitch!
    And no worries, because I came here instead. 🙂

    • Thanks. I do have a trail camera with infrared, but it wouldn’t have been pointing in the right direction! How annoying about the Reader, I wonder if I need to change some settings?

  2. Ooooh another fab post! You are lucky to have seen this….not to myself, I MuST get your earlier!! I am interested to know what food you put out for them? I’ve left out cat food but my hedgehog hasn’t eaten that……

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