Big Butterfly Count 2017

I don’t think that this has been a very good summer for butterflies. After the mini heatwave in June the UK has seen a wet, windy and chilly July to coincide with the Big Butterfly Count. Sadly I have not seen a peacock butterfly here for a few years.ย photo of peacock butterfly

Most of the butterflies that I spotted this year were very busy flitting about rather than resting for photographs. I did record 1 large white, 1 green veined white, 2 speckled woods, 1 comma, 1 red admiral and 2 holly blues.

The 2016 results showed that butterflies are generally having a tough time and I expect this year to be no better. Butterfly conservation have a web page with information, ideas and links to help you to attract butterflies to your garden, even if you just have a window box. It is also important to think of food plants for their caterpillars.


19 thoughts on “Big Butterfly Count 2017

  1. That Peacock Butterfly is gorgeous. Sadly, I think there will be many reductions in Butterfly/insect numbers as towns and field clearing for crops reduce their habitat.
    I find the weather gets more and more weird each year. When I was a child we had 6 weeks of distinct hot summer weather in the Dec/Jan school holidays. Now, we are just as likely to get unseasonal weather all year round.

    It’s been very cold & windy here in Melbourne, but not much heavy, soaking rain, so the ground is really quite dry beneath the surface.

  2. I did my count yesterday too and it was a pretty poor show, despite sitting next to two buddleias and some marjoram, which they love. It was the first sunny day in a while and I was hopeful that more would appear, but sadly not. It will be interesting to see the findings when they emerge.

  3. At the moment our most frequent visitors are cabbage whites. A month ago we had red admirals sunning themselves on the patio. There’s an occasional orange tip too, and from time to time I see something small and blue but don’t really get chance to have a proper look at it. I do get a bit cross when the caterpillars eat my plants, but they have to eat something – it’s usually the nasturtiums!

    • Right now it is just the speckled woods and some white ones. Hopefully once the ivy starts flowering I’ll get some red admirals too. That’s the trouble, if we want to see butterflies, we have to feed their babies! ๐Ÿ™‚

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