Big Butterfly Count 2017

I don’t think that this has been a very good summer for butterflies. After the mini heatwave in June the UK has seen a wet, windy and chilly July to coincide with the Big Butterfly Count. Sadly I have not seen a peacock butterfly here for a few years.ย photo of peacock butterfly

Most of the butterflies that I spotted this year were very busy flitting about rather than resting for photographs. I did record 1 large white, 1 green veined white, 2 speckled woods, 1 comma, 1 red admiral and 2 holly blues.

The 2016 results showed that butterflies are generally having a tough time and I expect this year to be no better. Butterfly conservation have a web page with information, ideas and links to help you to attract butterflies to your garden, even if you just have a window box. It is also important to think of food plants for their caterpillars.


14 thoughts on “Big Butterfly Count 2017

  1. That Peacock Butterfly is gorgeous. Sadly, I think there will be many reductions in Butterfly/insect numbers as towns and field clearing for crops reduce their habitat.
    I find the weather gets more and more weird each year. When I was a child we had 6 weeks of distinct hot summer weather in the Dec/Jan school holidays. Now, we are just as likely to get unseasonal weather all year round.

    It’s been very cold & windy here in Melbourne, but not much heavy, soaking rain, so the ground is really quite dry beneath the surface.

  2. I did my count yesterday too and it was a pretty poor show, despite sitting next to two buddleias and some marjoram, which they love. It was the first sunny day in a while and I was hopeful that more would appear, but sadly not. It will be interesting to see the findings when they emerge.

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