Snow! In Hereford! – Part Two

Following on from my post about my excitable jaunt through the blizzard on 10 December 2017, I went for another walk two days later once it had settled.Photo of snow at dawn

I finally got my snowy dawn photos.Photo of snow at dawn

I’m sure my friends in Scandinavia, Russia and North America etc are wondering what all the fuss is about. Well, I’m like a big kid and we very rarely get any snow that sticks in Hereford, at least not in recent years.Photo of snow at dawn

Indeed most of the UK gets very little deep snow which is why we are so poorly equipped to deal with it when it does happen. We don’t own snow chains for our cars, local authorities don’t invest in equipment to clear snow and so the nation grinds to a halt.Photo of snow at dawn

People still hop into their cars determined to get to work, no doubt terrified of losing a promotion, or even the job itself. As we have so little experience of driving in snow people often come a cropper.

Photo of snow berries

Snow Berries in the Snow

Perhaps if non-essential workers were given time off work during heavy snowfall people could relax and have fun in the snow.

Photo of dog in snow

Nice Weather for Dogs

I also take the point that it is deadly serious if you are homeless or can’t afford to heat the home you have got, but those are social issues that should be remedied and not really the fault of the weather.Photo of snow at dawn

Whatever your opinion is of snow, surely we can all agree it does make the scenery pretty.Photo of snow at dawn

It is also important not to confuse weather with climate. There is an overwhelming body of evidence that global temperatures are rising and agreement amongst climate scientists that the cause is man made. The predictions for a warming climate are for more extreme weather events, this includes cold ones. For more information about climate change with easy to understand facts and myths debunked see the NASA website; it even settles the debate about whether cow belches or cow farts produce more methane.Photo of snow at dawnA less than cheery fact for you; every winter around 100 people in the USA die from shovelling snow. Using your arms not your legs is more strenuous; heart rate and blood pressure increase. This combined with the cold air causing arteries to restrict creates the perfect ingredients for a heart attack. So, take it easy and wear a hat.Photo of snow at dawn

On the plus side, shovelling snow burns approximately 233 calories per 30 minutes. This means that with Easter just around the corner you can reward yourself with a 150 calorie Cadbury Creme Egg and still lose weight.Photo of snow at dawn

And yes I do still have some more snowy pictures left over for another post.



30 thoughts on “Snow! In Hereford! – Part Two

  1. Beautiful images.

    I love seeing the snow (as we don’t get it in Melbourne of course), but I did go skiing up in the mountains some 35 years ago and a couple of weeks in Austria skiing in January 1978).

    Please post more snow images for those of us sweltering in the heat DownUnder in Australia.

  2. These are absolutely beautiful snow scenes. Thank you so much 🙂
    This is how I remember many many childhood winters – proper deep snow that stuck and you could build big fat snowmen! 🙂

  3. We did not get any snow this year in New Mexico, in the U.S. And it’s the same way here, everything shuts down when there’s just a little bit of snow on the ground. A foot, or less. When I first heard the school announce it was a snow day, I thought it was a joke. And nobody can drive in the snow here, either. All the speedsters are suddenly driving two miles an hour!

  4. Such beautiful photos. I love snow but digging my way in and out of the house is not fun. We were just hit by a blizzard today with near hurricane winds. Once we get the driveway clear then the fun will start. There is a walking/biking trail across the street from us here and when it snows, it become a great ski tour trail.

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