Snowy Garden

If I haven’t already bored you with my photos of snow in hereford parts one and two, brace yourselves for more of the white stuff.Photo of snowy fence

Even a dull suburban garden can be turned into a Narnia type winter wonderland.Photo of snowy garden

The evergreen yew tree was groaning under the weight of the snow. Photo of snow laden yew tree

It sprang back afterwards, demonstrating why yew was used to make longbows as it can bend under a lot of tension without snapping.

The deciduous apple tree having shed its delicate leaves was able to take the weight on its sturdy branches.Photo of apple tree in snow

The apple tree also provided some shelter under which I provided food and fresh water for the birds.

And the squirrel.Photo of squirrel on snowy tree

The squirrels were busy in other parts of the garden also.

There were some impressive icicles on the buildings.Photo of icicles

There were also icicles on the plants.Photo of icicles on ivy berries

And clumps of icy snow adorning most surfaces.


25 thoughts on “Snowy Garden

  1. Wow! That snow looks deep.

    And I……..never ever get bored looking at snow images. I love the snow and follow several blogs that have snow all year round. There’s something so simple and pure about a snow-drenched landscape.

    I do feel sorry for the bird life though. I’m sure many of them don’t have very thick winter coats hanging in their wardrobes. Good to see they (and the squirrels) are being well fed by your garden feeders.

    • Thanks. It is rare to get it this deep in this part of the UK, I was very excited by it. It is surprising how many people in the UK hate snow. It is tough on the birds though, they certainly need feeding up.

  2. I’m not sure if my comment just now posted or not –
    Just to say, you could never bore me with these gorgeous snow photos, as I’m sweltering over here right now! 🙂

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