March 2021 Week One

The first week of March has seen some mixed weather; icy nights, biting winds, rain and glorious sunshine. The Mahonia continues to attract pollinators, including this hyperactive hairy footed flower bee. Sadly this bleached out affair was the best photo I got of him.bee in yellow flowers

A late riser was this buff tailed bumblebee queen, she was bumbling around after all the other bees had left.bumblebee in yellow flowers

The warm sunshine and clear blue sky brought the buzzards soaring high above.buzzard against blue sky

The first cherry plum blossom blossomed.pale pink blossom

The lilac bud gave a hint of colour to come. The flower is coiled up inside waiting for spring to spring.purple flower inside green bud

The birds are busy attracting mates and gathering nest building material. This little sparrow was chirruping away in the cherry tree.sparrow in cherry tree

The first grape hyacinth has flowered, soon they’ll be attracting the bee flower

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