March 2021 Week Two

Please do not adjust your eyesight; most of my photos this week are even more blurry than usual due to the incessant high winds we have had. Between the showers the first lawn daisy raised its face to the sun.daisy flower on lawn

The quince is in full blossoms growing up a wall

The lilac buds are teasing us.purple buds

Can you spot the robin in the cherry plum tree. The birds are singing their little hearts out at the moment, attracting mates and warning off rivals. Never has “You’re going home in a private ambulance” sounded so sweet.robin in cherry tree

The cherry plum blossoms seem pretty resiliant, I’m surprised they haven’t all blown blossoms

The queen bumblebees also seem burly enough to brave the gales. There was no shortage of fluffy bee butts on the Mahonia.bumblebee on yellow flowers

The flowering currant is currently about to flower so I expect lots of bees on it next week.purple flower

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