April 2021 Week Two

The second week of April has seen a continuation of the below average temperatures. The nights are often frosty but the days have mostly been sunny. The dandelions and forget-me-nots growing in the path provide an all day buffet for the pollinating insects.yellow and blue flowersWhite flowers are appearing on this little tree.white flowers on treeMore white flowers courtesy of the Candy Tuft.white flowersMr and Mrs Blackbird seem to have stopped gathering nesting materials, I presume they are now sitting on some eggs. Here is Mr BB waiting for some more sultanas.blackbirdThe apple blossom is just starting to appear.apple blossom buds

The aubretia is proving popular, especially with the bee flies and their preposterous tongues.bee fly on blue flowers

For balance here is a bee fly bum.bee fly flying away





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