Last Week of April 2021

April 2021 was the frostiest April for at least 60 years, apparently. This seems to have delayed or even prevented some plants from flowering. However, the frosty nights and mornings gave way to dry sunny days and the bees were making the most of the flowers that were in bloom; such as this Geranium macrorrhizum.bee on pink flowerThe lilac bloomed fully into flower, and scent, attracting this buff tailed bumblebee queen.bumblebee on purple flowerBefore she moved onto a nearby dandelion.bumblebee on yellow flowerThe lilac also attracted a male orange tip butterfly, somewhat overexposed in the sunlight.white and orange butterfly on purple flowerA speckled wood butterfly took the opportunity to sunbathe on the path and was much kinder to my poor photographic skills.speckled butterflyThe apple blossom was blossoming.white and pink blossom

The periwinkled had been winkled flowers

Something made a hole in one of my flowers against blue sky

I will try to do a May blog before June!






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