First Half of May 2021

After a frosty but dry April, it was May that brought us sunshine and showers. I think it rained pretty much every day during the first half of May. white billowing clouds

The rain was good for the garden though. The Ceanothus flowered and attracted some bees.bee on blue flowerThe apple blossom fully blossomed.white and pink apple blossomThe wet weather didn’t dampen the ardour of these courting hedgehogs.two hedgehogs in undergrowthThe laburnum tree flowered spectacularly.yellow tree blossomSticking with the yellow theme, the greater celandine sprang up.yellow flowerThe geraniums are still enticing the bees.bee on pink flowerThe cotoneaster flowers seem to be a bigger draw for a variety of bees …  bee on red flowers… and bumblebees, mainly tree bumblebees.bee on red flowersbee on red flowersbee on red flowersOnce again I took part in #NoMowMay to allow wildflowers, often derided as “lawn weeds” to grow providing an all you can eat buffet for bees and other pollinators. Who used to make daisy chains?white and yellow daisy flowersWho used to see if their friend liked butter by reflecting a butter cup under their chin to see if it glowed yellow?yellow buttercup flowersNot sure what you do with germander speedwell other than sit back and enjoy the carpet of blue they create.lots of blue flowers on lawnThe plantain is growing well unhindered by the mower’s blades. The leaves make a soothing balm, there is a recipe here if you want to try it. They were also used in a childrens’ game called “Soldiers” either as a form of conkers or by winding the stem around under the head and pulling it tightly to form a catapult.tall grassy plant


10 thoughts on “First Half of May 2021

  1. Your garden is in full bloom and lovely! Great close ups of a variety of bees too.
    And yes, I made Daisy chains and did the Buttercup test! 🙂
    Gosh, it’s decades since I’ve seen a buttercup!
    Enjoy the summer. 😀

  2. All 3 of those games – the buttercup, daisy chains and conkers were enjoyed by myself when very young as we had our first home on a quarter acre block, but I wonder if children know about these nature games at all now. Children, even the young, are fixated on modern technology for the most and I suspect it would only be nature-loving parents that encourage their children to explore the outdoors more.

    Secondly, there are many ‘back’ and ‘front’ yards, that are minuscule compared to my own childhood spaces in Melbourne, Australia.

    Do children ever climb trees or make mud pies and little towns made out of leaves, twigs and moss? Do they catch tadpoles and watch them grow?

  3. Such gorgeous pics! We have SO many daisies out this year, oh and foxgloves too. Funny how every year there’s a different plant or flower that takes centre stage.
    Thanks for linking to my plantain salve recipe too, it’s such a simple yet useful recipe. I do hope you give it a try someday 🙂
    Jane x

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