June 2021 – Week Two

The second week of June saw much of the UK basking in glorious sunshine. Flowers seem to be bursting into bloom and attracting a variety of insect life. The garden path is lined with frothy cow parsley (or a close relative).white flowersThis seems to be popular with the ashy mining bees, perhaps because the white pollen sacs match their outfits.black and white bee on white flowerblack and white bee on white flowerblack and white bee on white flowerblack and white bee on white flower

The clematis flowered.purple flowerCompeting with the clematis in the crinkly petal stakes is the poppy.red flower with black centre

Beating the poppy for big and blousey is the pink peony, defiant after a rainy downpour.Pink flower with yellow centre

With classic good looks we have white roses.white rose

Yellow roses.yellow rose

More white roses.white rose

The delphiniums are attracting the bees …blue flowers with bee

… and the froghoppers in the “cuckoo spit”.blue flower with frothy spit

The little alpine rock rose flowers are serving the little solitary bees.white flower with little black bee

The white clover has come through on the lawn, which also pleases the bees.white flower with bee

The pyracantha, or aptly named firethorn, was providing for this hoverfly, or is it some sort of bee, or maybe even a type of wasp?white flowers with insect

There was a very handsome thick legged flower beetle on the daisies.green beetle on daisy flower

While a bush cricket nymph settled for a buttercup.green cricket on yellow flower


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