June 2021 – Week Four and a Bit

While June was warmer and drier than May it still seemed to me to be chillier than usual with many overcast days. However, the mock orange – Philadelphus virginal – gleamed in the sunlight when it did show up. We have two of these trees/shrubs.white flowers

One has frillier flowers than the other.white flowers

For colour the fox and cubs –Pilosella aurantiaca – have sprung into action.orange flowers

I believe they are a type of hawkweed, as are these yellow dandelion type flowers. They are popular with bees and other pollinators like this beetle.yellow flower with beetle

Speaking of beetles, I was very pleased to spot a native 7 spot ladybird. I usually only see the harlequin varieties these days.red beetle with black spots

There also seems to be more snails about, probably thanks to the damp spring we had. In recent years they have been greatly outnumbered by slugs for some reason.black and white photo of snail on fence

The honeysuckle has been providing succour for the bees.bee on honeysuckle flower

As has the clover. I mow the lawn once a fortnight and consider it to be deadheading the clover to encourage fresh flowers. Consequently the lawn is buzzing with happy bees.bee on white clover flower

Coming in to land on the foxglove landing strip.bee flying onto foxglove flower

The wild strawberries have fruited. They are quite tasty; not as sweet as farm grown ones and they are pathetically small, but they are free.wild strawberries

Butterflies had pretty much disappeared from the garden so I was glad to see this speckled wood going strong.brown spotted butterfly

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