July 2021 – Week One

July seems to be carrying on in much the same way as June; chilly and with frequent rain showers. Between the showers the flowers continue to flower, like this St John’s Wort.yellow flowers

Following on from the white and yellow roses, it is the red roses turn to bloom.red rose flower

The laburnum flowers have turned into pea pods.pods of seeds

My little prickly friend hedgehog is snuffling about the garden and stopped to give me a good sniffing.hedgehog

The white flowers on the privet are attracting lots of bees, bumblebees, hoverflies and butterflies – none of the latter would pose for a photograph though.bee on white flower

I think these purple flowers are some sort of salvia, the bees approve of them so that’s good enough for me.bee on purple flower

Indeed worthy of two photographs.bee on purple flower

The Evening Primrose blooms in the evening as you might expect, but the flowers also last through the morning. During the day they attract bees and little beetles. At night they should be attracting moths, in turn these should be attracting bats. Sadly I haven’t noticed any bats for the last couple of months, I hope nothing has happened to their roost.yellow flowers against blue sky

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