July 2021 – Week Three

So the UK weather lurched from cold and damp to swelteringly hot and tinder dry. The hot weather triggered flying ants. These are fertile ants that fly from the nest to mate and start new colonies. The males die after mating. The female lands, chews off her wings and starts afresh.flying ant

A more appealing insect was this comma butterfly.speckled butterfly

A bee on the honeysuckle.bee on honeysuckle flowers

The other, more colourful, honeysuckle is now flowering.purple and white honeysuckle flowers

As are the sweetpeas.pink flowers

Dad blackbird was stretching out in the blazing sun looking very uncomfortable. I read that birds do this to kill off parasites and to spread their preening oil, but I have only ever noticed blackbirds doing this.blackbird stretched out in the sun

Meanwhile his offspring continue to perfect their mahonia berry snatching techniques. First eye up the target.blackbird looking at berries

Then enjoy the fruits of your labour.blackbird eating blue berry

6 thoughts on “July 2021 – Week Three

  1. Glad you got some sunshine – gorgeous photos of your flowers and insects. Very interesting facts about the flying ants too.
    Pigeons ‘sunbathe’ in my garden, like your blackbird, but they definitely seem to enjoy the experience – even tho our sun is hotter! 😀

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