July 2021 – Week Four and a bit

The last week of July continued to be mostly dry and sunny. The bees flock to the evening primrose flowers first thing in the morning before they wilt. As you can see the pollen is very stringy and sticky.yellow flower with bee

It’s now the turn of the peach coloured roses to bloom.peach roses

The golden rod self seeds everywhere.yellow flowers with bee

However, it is a cheery looking plant.yellow flowers with bee

It is also very popular with a wide variety of pollinators.yellow flowers with bee

The yukka is making its presence known.tall plant with white flowers

The sunshine has brought the butterflies out. There are a lot of white ones, but only this one stopped for a photo. I think it is a small white as opposed to a large white or a marbled white. We always used to just call them all cabbage whites due to their fondness for cabbages as caterpillars.white butterfly

A red admiral butterfly was trying to decide which was their better side, this one?red admiral butterfly

This one?red admiral butterfly

Or perhaps I shall pose on the red rose.butterfly on red roses

The thistle-like knapweed was proving irresistable to this bee.bee on purple flower

I think it is a common carder bee, Bombus pascuorum. They gather moss and dry grass for their nests.bee on purple flower

Knapweed is similar in appearance to thistle, but without the prickly bits.bee on purple flower

The bladder campion flowers have faded away leaving the dried calyxes.dry flower stems

The bird baths (and hedgehog water dishes) needed topping up regularly and were much in demand. Splish splash this young blackbird was taking a bath.blackbird having a bath

They became painfully aware that they were being observed.blackbird bathing robin watching

A queue was forming.blackbird bathing robin queueing

Finally the robin got a go.robin in bird bath

Although the mess the blackbird made of the bath water ruffled his feathers.robin bathing

Finally some thunderclouds appeared in the distance.thunderclouds forming

July went out with a bang and some splashes.rain falling in puddles

Still, the garden needed it.rain drops on vine leaf

Just a drop or two.black and white rain drops on leaf



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