Hi there, welcome to the “about” page. First of all, what does rambling mean?  With regards to speech, or writing, it means long, unintelligible and, well I could go on …

an illustration of Rambling Ratz

“Here I are!” ‘Tis Rambling Ratz hisself.

With regards to walking it means roaming or wandering. A bimble means a leisurely stroll, unlike a yomp which implies something more strenuous.

Herefordshire is located on the Welsh border in the United Kingdom. Hereford city, is on the English side of the border. It is thought that the name originates from the Anglo Saxon “here” meaning soldiers and “ford” meaning river crossing. It has certainly had its share of Welsh, Anglo-Saxon, Roman, Norman and Civil War soldiers tramping to and fro over the River Wye throughout the centuries. Hereford Cathedral is home to the Mappa Mundi, the historically important medieval map dating from around 1300.

Herefordshire is famous for it’s brown and white Hereford beef cattle as seen in the James Stewart film, “The Rare Breed”; the best film ever made about Hereford cattle starring James Stewart (though Harvey is a better James Stewart film). It is also known for the cider making apple orchards.

Photo of apple blossom

Apple Blossom at Breinton Springs May 2013

Credenhill is a village on the outskirts of Hereford. Iron Age Celts built a hill fort around 80BC, but it got its name from a Saxon chief, Creda when the fort was occupied by his Saxons around 540AD and known as “Creda’s Hill”.  The hill fort is now owned by the Woodland Trust and is called Credenhill Park Wood.  It is a mixture of ancient woodland and modern coniferous planting, with a “grazing area” at the top within the enclosure of the ramparts. It has all manner of flora and fauna which I hope to discover and learn more about.

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For more information the links below may be of interest:

Credenhill Fort: Ancient Monument

Woodland Trust: Credenhill Park Wood

Photo of Credenhill Woods

Credenhill Park Wood October 2012

28 thoughts on “About

  1. Your writing is charming, a pleasure to read. Thank you for the well wishes, likewise to you on your bimbling and blogging adventure!

  2. Had to check you out, your critique on Julia Kodl’s baby blue heron indicates great insight and understanding of nature. one snowbird to another – you’ve got a pretty great eye of your own.

  3. Hi ramblingratz,
    My daughter’s husband had been assigned to the Royal Air Force in Mildenhall, GB. but, his orders were changed recently and he is now staying stateside a little while longer. I mention this because I would be going over to visit them in Mildenhall and maybe give you a call. It looks like it will have to wait. He does get his choice for his next deployment, not sure what he will choose. I have so many of my ancestors who came from the British Isles I was looking forward to doing some research.


  4. Thank you for the web sites! I will check these out for clues. I have lots of information on my family tree but a few gaps to fill. I would have to sit down and decide who I need more information on. It looks like I will have to wait a while before we go to GB. Looks like the USA for the next two years for my son in-law.
    Thanks for the family history sites!

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