Credenhill Park Wood Photos

Here are some random photographs of Credenhill Park Wood, to give an impression of what sort of a wood it is. It is a mixture of broad leafed deciduous and coniferous woodland. The ramparts of the hill fort have old yew trees planted along the tops.  Inside at the top of the hill fort there is an open area; this would be where the Iron Age folk settled. The Woodland Trust cleared it to be used as a grazing area, but I believe they found the soil too poor to produce good grazing. For more information about how the site was used historically, please visit this site:

Woodland Trust: Credenhill Wood – History

The photos are randomized so they should change order each time you visit. Can you spot the elephant lurking in the wood?

7 thoughts on “Credenhill Park Wood Photos

  1. Hi. Could you get in touch with me ASAP – I am looking for lovely shots of Credenhill Park Woods in autumn for a feature in the Times this Saturday. It would be great if you could get in touch today as we are on deadline. Thank you!

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