April 2021 Week Three

The third week of April continued the theme of cold nights and dry sunny days. There are plenty of spring blooms out in the garden to attract the bees and butterflies. I believe this is a Holly Blue butterfly, now more common than the Common Blue.blue butterflyThe hairy footed flower bees are still out and about. This female was on the flowering currant.black bee on pink flower

While the male was enjoying the aubretia.bee on purple flowerThe dwarf tulips in the planter by the hedgehog feeder survived the frost.purple and yellow tulipsThe Spanish bluebells are starting to flower.

blue flowers

The trees and shrubs are ringing out with the sounds of various birds. While on the fatball feeder this great tit was looking at the world from a new perspective.bird upside down on fatball feeder

The lilac flowers are nearly fully blooming, do you think they will be out before the end of April? Tune in next week to find out!lilac flowers




I have been worrying about the fact that I hadn’t seen any bees so far this year.  I think it is more likely that I have been around during the wrong time of day. Today I saw two. They were both on the flowering currant and both were hairy-footed flower bees, Anthophora plumipes. The female looks like a little black bumblebee with some orange hairs on her back legs; she was too fast for me! The male has gingery stripes and these fabulous long hairs on his front legs; he was more obliging.Photo of male hairy-footed flower bee