Help the Hedgehogs!

Eight year old Daisy designed these fabulous posters to raise awareness of the plight of hedgehogs. It is very heartening to see young people caring about the future of our native wildlife. Daisy is a great hedgehog advocate, she has even appeared on the BBC’s “Newsround”.Photo of Daisy's Help the Hedgehogs Poster

Hedgehog numbers have declined dramatically in the UK and it is thought that they are continuing to fall at a rate of 5% per year. It is believed that increased urbanisation and the way that we are living is contributing to this. To find out what small changes you could make to help hedgehogs, take a look at the Hedgehog Street website. Also in the UK we have Guy Fawkes/Bonfire Night coming very soon; hedgehogs see our bonfires as a cosy place to hibernate in. So please check for hedgehogs and other critters such as toads and frogs before lighting. There is more information on how to have a wildlife friendly bonfire here.