June 2021 – Week Three

June 21st was the longest day, so now the British can officially say every evening, “The nights are drawing in.” The third week of June was rather chilly and overcast most of the time, although we were treated to some fluffy cumulus clouds one morning.fluffy cotton ball cloudsThe foxgloves are fully flowering now.purple and white flowersThey are enticing bees with their hairy, spotty landing strips.bee inside purple flowerI tried in vain to get a decent photo of the swifts as they circled and screamed above my head. This was the only shot I got out of many many photos of empty skies.bird against blue skyThe young magpie was more accommodating, still begging food from the same sized parent.magpie feeding young magpieFeathers were ruffled and there was embarrassment all round as the magpie interrupted the wood pigeon’s bath.wood pigeon in bath and magpieWe also have a dishful of juvenile starlings.6 young starlingsOur regular hedgehog visitor is still regularly visiting, but there is no sign of any hoglets sadly. A few years ago the lawn was full of little hedgehogs running around my feet. The garden is very hedgehog friendly so their decline is clearly down to other environmental factors. There has been a new housing estate built nearby and climate change is affecting their hibernation habits meaning they wake when there is not sufficient natural food to support them.hedgehog in infrared