Friday Night

After a day grazing in the supermarket, the trollies are herded together and locked safely in their corral for the night.Photo of shopping trollies

It is an undeniable fact that life has boring bits in it, perhaps this should be reflected in our photography? However, I felt that I couldn’t just fob you off with a photo of some shopping trollies. So I made an attempt at a long exposure to get some light trails from the traffic. I think I need to be at a higher elevation, above a longer stretch of road and armed with a tripod!Photo of light trails

So my pursuit for providing you with a documentary of an exciting Friday night saw me outside, attempting yet again to try to get a decent photograph of the moon using my limited kit and skills. Mainly I just wanted to use the name, “waxing gibbous”. This refers to the fact that the moon is over half illuminated and that the illumination is growing; it will be a full moon on the 24th January. The moon was full enough to cast a beautiful glow onto the clouds.

As I was stood photographing the moon, something ran past my legs. Its little feet pattered upon the paving and there was a rustling sound like the bristling of crinolines. Sure enough, the sudden change back to mild temperatures had brought a hedgehog out of hibernation. Our prickly friend was making straight for the mealworms and peanuts that are put out every night. Photo of hedgehog

So it ended up being a mildly interesting Friday night after all.