First Day of Spring

Today was the vernal equinox, the first day of spring. Time to get the lawn mower out!Photo of lawn mower

In the UK, most people like the lawns in their gardens to be neat, green and short. There is a lot of pressure to keep your garden tidy so as not to bring down the neighbourhood. I understand that there are some places in the USA where people can get into trouble with the authorities for not keeping their gardens tidy! Then there are the nature lovers, especially bee fans, who say we shouldn’t mow at all.

It is fair to say that Rambling Ratz and Granny Ratz are on opposite sides of the argument. However, Granny Ratz owns the lawns, so a compromise is reached. The lawns are mowed once a week at the height of grass growing season and once a fortnight otherwise. The cutters are set high, this means straggly long grass is cut, but the clover flowers (once blooming) are left untouched. I also mow as late into the evening as possible when most of the bees are heading home.  The one good thing about keeping the grass relatively short is that the blackbirds are able to hop through it to catch their meals.

Once the chores are done with, it is time to actually enjoy the garden on this spring day. The primroses just keep on going.Photo of primroses

Our solitary daffodil is still standing proud.Photo of daffodil

A plane’s vapour trail looks like a zip opening up in the sky.Photo of plane's vapour trail in sky

A bright golden sunset.

I saw two robins sitting side by side on a branch, but by the time I had fetched the camera that I had only just put away, there was but one.

9 thoughts on “First Day of Spring

  1. Happy Spring to you! You have a beautiful yard, flowers, birds, and good green grass. Your mower looks like one that I have! Lets all get a cane pole and go sit on the bank of a lovey brook, or creek as we say in the south, and pretend we are fishing. Don’t have to catch anything just sit and enjoy the beautiful day! 🙂

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