Squirrel Feeder

I recently had some rare good fortune and won a squirrel feeder through one of @SoarMillSeeds regular competitions on Twitter. This is what I won: Wildlife World Squirrel Feeder. It arrived the next day, but I waited until the seemingly never ending gales did actually end before putting it up. It has one hole at the top, but I replaced one of the hinge screws with a longer one so that I could fix it to a tree with two screws. The squirrels seem to like playing on this tree and it was away from the bird feeders.squirrel feeder on tree

The squirrels ignored it for nearly a week. Gradually they started to approach it. I had put some loose peanuts on the top of it which they ate, but then ignored the squirrel food (also provided as part of my win) inside it.Squirrel on squirrel feeder

I had propped open the lid by placing peanut halves along the sides and across the perspex, but the squirrels still seemed not to grasp the concept. I think I must have rather dull squirrels.Squirrel scratching on squirrel feeder

One of the squirrels decided to make a concerted effort to get to the food. Rather like a child hammering a shape into the wrong hole he went for brute force and started chewing and tearing strips of wood off the feeder. Finally it clicked and he worked out he had to lift the lid.Squirrel lifting lid of squirrel feeder

Initially the squirrels seemed rather nervous about popping their heads into the feeder. This is probably a sensible policy given the brutal squirrel traps available.Squirrel using squirrel feeder

Within a morning they had worked it out and are now confidently sitting on the platform, lifting the lid and rummaging about for their preferred food. One was even sunbathing on top of it.Squirrel sitting on squirrel feeder

I was very pleased to have won this feeder, I love to see the squirrels in the garden. However, I was not too happy that they used to empty the peanut feeder before the birds got a chance. I have purchased a “squirrel proof” peanut feeder for less than Β£5. bluetit on peanut feeder

I have placed the bird feeder in yet another part of the garden and so far only the birds have been feeding from it. Of course this might be because the squirrels have yet to find it, so I cannot yet confirm that it will indeed thwart a determined squirrel.long tailed tit on peanut feeder

I have noticed that the squirrels don’t empty this feeder they seem to eat the food there and then and just occasionally run off with some of it. With the peanut feeder they would empty it within an hour, running off to cache the peanuts. It is almost as if they realise that there is no competition for this food and are happy to leave some for later. This means that I don’t have to top up the food for the squirrels or the birds so often.Squirrel eating on squirrel feeder

For now though we have happy squirrels, happy birds and a happy me.

I have uploaded three videos to You Tube. The first is of the squirrels learning to use the feeder, the second is of the squirrels using the feeder and the third is of the birds using the squirrel-proof peanut feeder. Each lasts around 7 or 8 minutes.


22 thoughts on “Squirrel Feeder

  1. Hi Rambling Ratz,
    I love the squirrel feeder. I was given a squirrel nest box for my birthday so will be putting it up shortly. The squirrels in my garden seem to prefer the wall cavities in my house for nesting than up in the trees so this will hopefully encourage them out. We are going to have our house externally insulated and rendered this summer so they will be looking for new lodgings! I have a squirrel proof fat ball feeder like your nut feeder( same maker) and for years it’s been fine but last week one squirrel decided on brute force and can open the lid to the point it has now wrenched off the lid complex making it useless!

    • Hi Helen. I think the squirrels will always outwit us in the end. We had squirrels in our attic a couple of years ago, they make an incredible amount of noise and of course there’s the risk of them chewing electric cables. We had to make sure that all of the gaps were sealed up (with the squirrels on the outside) so they couldn’t get in again. I hope yours will move into your nest box πŸ™‚

  2. Congrats on your win. For now your squirrels are happy as is your birds but wait until the squirrels find the bird feeder and start eating at the bird feeder.

  3. Lovely to see all your photos of the squirrels trying to figure out how to get at the nuts! πŸ™‚ And how nice to win something too!
    Let’s hope the birds will be left alone at their new feeder. πŸ™‚

  4. Hahaha! I had the same thing! β€œMy” squirrel didn’t get it all winter. Only in spring I noticed that there are some nuts lacking. And then I caught him …

  5. I have also invested in squirrel feeders, I keep the squirrel feeder away from the bird feeder, hoping they will no longer fight for food with the birds.

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